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Animal communication is a form of telepathic communication between species. These sessions often help people discover their animal’s past trauma or present discomfort and can help resolve health or behavioural issues. They can also be a profound support for both parties during the transition through dying, death and mourning.

Heather’s abilities as an intuitive healer and spiritual bridge allow her to connect deeply with animals, even those who have already passed. This helps them convey important ideas, feelings and messages to their companion humans so both parties gain a deeper understanding of one another.

What to Expect During Your Session

Before the session, Heather will check in with you about the general situation and get a few basic details about the household environment. 

She will connect to your animal from a distance, using a photograph, and receive the information energetically through Direct Knowing. This form of communication happens on a very deep, nonverbal level.​ 

After the session, Heather will check in with you to explain what she’d experienced, which might be their general situation, or even the creature’s thoughts, feelings or needs.

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Learn How to Do It Yourself

As well as individual communication sessions, Heather also leads workshops to help others refine this ability within themselves. 

We’re all born with the capacity for connecting in this way, but as we grow up this ability often fades into the background. It’s really just tuning into a frequency; just like thinking of someone right before they call or text, or deciding to ask a friend a question right before they turn and ask that very thing.

Even for a gifted Animal Communicator, it can take years of practice and demonstrated self-trust to be able to intuit images, feelings, thoughts, smells and messages and interpret them as words or phrases that humans can understand. But with practice and training almost anyone could do it.

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Heather has always felt a deep connection with animals. Since her first communication experience in 2000, she has been able to offer profound support to interspecies households in times of upheaval, grief or adjustment, or while supporting a loved one as they transition out of life.

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About the Work: About


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Connect with your Companion

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Deepen Your Ability to Connect

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“I had adopted a dog with behavioral issues that weren’t as obvious at the start, but were serious. Heather was able to make a breakthrough with him where he ‘opened up’ about his past, confirming the neglect, abandonment and abuse. She was able to convey my message of love, acceptance and protection to him, and she heard and shared his messages to me. This dog has transformed into a happy, relaxed, beloved member of our household. He’s confident that he’s safe and in his forever home. I am forever grateful for Heather’s unique ability to cut through the pain to reveal a gentle, vulnerable soul who was just misunderstood.”

Alison Stephenson, Dog Trainer, Holistic Veterinary Assistant

"I feel liberated: able to move forward and overwhelmed with gratitude at the time we had together. I can truly honour her memory now."

Gina Rino, Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncturist

"Heather's Workshop has helped me in ways I didn't even consider it could when I first signed up for it! There is such a sense of warmth, empathy, understanding and openness throughout the workshop that I felt I wanted to stay cocooned in these feelings at the end of both days. I felt an incredible bond with all those present.”

Anne Ralph, Veterinary Assistant

About the Work: Testimonials
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"Heather brought such peace to my relationship with my dog Kenz during a difficult time! It enabled us to connect like never before."

Megan Franklin

About the Work: Testimonial


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