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Dog Trainer, Holistic Veterinary Assistant

“Heather came highly recommended when I was considering obtaining the services of an animal communicator. I had recently adopted a dog with behavioural issues that weren’t as obvious at the start, but were serious. I commenced with an intense training and management program to keep everyone, including him, safe. Harry's history was vague but his behaviours told the story. Heather was able to make a breakthrough with him where he “opened up” about his past, confirming the neglect, abandonment and abuse.

She was able to convey my message of love, acceptance and protection to him. And she heard and shared his messages to me. My empathy toward him increased tenfold and our mutual understanding grew, and continues to grow. This dog has transformed into a happy, relaxed, beloved member of our household. He’s confident that he’s safe and in his forever home. And I am forever grateful for Heather’s unique ability to cut through the pain to reveal a gentle, vulnerable soul who was just misunderstood. 

I was so impressed with Heather that I took her Animal Communication Workshop. Now I can continue to develop my communication skills with all of my animal companions, past and present. What a gift!”

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