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"In mid-February, my darling Sasha was diagnosed with lung cancer, which had moved into his lymph system. This was a complete shock to both myself and my two feline girls, Pia and Mishka. My kind vet suggested I immediately assist him in transitioning via euthanasia due to his advanced condition …which didn’t feel right at the time. I took him home and applied alternative cancer therapies, and contacted Heather for guidance.

The comfort, insights, and perfect description of his personality (and that of the girls) via Heather’s cat chats was amazingly accurate and beyond meaningful to me. It continues in my current healing time. I was given information as to the signs he would offer when he was ready to go, how he felt about leaving, and how the girls felt …which were absolutely correct. I was advised he would prefer to go in his own time — naturally, if I could handle it. I honoured his wishes.

We had him for almost six weeks from his diagnosis, and were completely and consciously present in love with him those six weeks, as we had been for the ten years we’ve all been together. One week prior to his passing, the signs were exactly as Heather had generously provided; he was getting ready to go. I was grateful to be able to prepare my heart and the hearts of his cat companions, though also feeling profound sadness as to the inevitable. 

He did pass gently and peacefully in my arms March 28th, with my deep gratitude in precisely knowing how he and the girls were feeling about the process. We were all gathered around him in love and reverence as he moved out of his hurting earth suit and back to spirit.

I chose a follow-up conversation with Heather on Good Friday after his passing time, and was astounded by her chat with him and the girls as well. It was akin to listening to a grand and seasoned guru offer love, wisdom and assistance to us. Heather also tapped into both Pia and Mishka for their experience of his passing and their feelings, so I could best attend to their grieving hearts and souls. It has been a remarkable, albeit heart-wrenching journey and we feel blessed to have had his unconditional love, and Heather’s warmth and communication with him to help us through this. We feel him with us still….

I highly, highly and whole heartedly recommend Heather. She is a most remarkable and kind animal (and human) communicator, and we are in awe and constant gratitude for your gift and generosity of spirit. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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