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"When we were told of Liam's fatal diagnosis, we were devastated. He was only eleven months old. This confident little ginger kitten had come into our lives at the age of five months after being nursed back to health at a rural humane society. He was one of three kittens found in a cardboard box and left to die; he was the only survivor. We weren't looking for him, he found us. On the morning of March 17, 2015 my husband and I went to work unbeknownst to us that we would have a new family member at the end of the day. When a colleague told Wayne that her and her daughter adopted a kitten resulting in a severe allergic reaction that put her daughter into hospital, he asked her why she was calling him to which she replied, 'I just knew I had to ask you.' This little ginger kitten had many similarities to our 14 year old cat that we lost five months previously, which happened to be within days of Liam's birth. We were thrilled to have him join our family. He was quite the presence in our household and exuded a confidence in spite of his difficult beginning.

When he was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis, I was determined to find something that would save him; I was desperate in my attempts. Even before we knew Liam was ill I had come across Heather and her ability to communicate with animals. We contacted Heather to communicate with Liam and were fortunate enough to have her do so before he passed. It truly helped us to make sense of it all and to be at peace with it. In the communication session, Liam was able to let us know that he did not think it would be a long life and that while he loved his life and could feel the love we gave him everyday it was time for him to leave. We had been able to help him in his journey. He said he was mended; "all the little pieces sewn up together to wholeness, now I can go."

His message to us was to always keep our hearts open because you never know what life brings.

He came to open our hearts and that he did in spades. Something that I am constantly reminded of is his message to us to let the sadness flow but not to get caught up in the anxiety of what might or might not happen. He said that he would go peacefully and that it will be a good passing for us too. He knew that he could have help from a vet to pass when the pain got to be too bad. A few days later I told him that I sensed it was time; we made the appointment for the following day. When it was time to leave I put the carrier in front of him and told Liam it was time to go. He got up, went into the carrier and laid down. In the moments before he passed, to our amazement, he started to purr. 

We learned so much from Liam that will never be lost. He is still with us in so many ways. This whole experience would have been lost to us had we not known Heather. Her ability to communicate with Liam was a tremendous gift and one that we'll be forever grateful for. Knowing Liam so well, there is no question in our minds that she was able to communicate with him. Her genuine compassion in relaying Liam's message was truly evident. In this experience that was provided to us by Liam we've developed a whole new appreciation for our other animal companions. I would highly recommend Heather; she has a truly wondrous gift that she is able to share with others!"

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