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Oliver's Human: Photo Gallery

“Oliver is well – thanks to Heather. Our communication session indicated he was experiencing pain in his back end. In spite of all my trips in with him, the veterinarian was insistent that behavioural issues were the root cause of our trouble. I finally admitted to the vet that I had consulted with an Animal Communicator and experienced the vet's great displeasure with my decision, but it allowed me to communicate his pain and helped me to insist that my vet look beyond the behavioural diagnosis. The vet began to ask many more questions and finally Oliver was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, a painful disease that would cause inappropriate urination. Poor Oliver was sick for many months before I found Heather! If not for her, I would not have been able to pursue looking at other causes and may have been forced to make an irreversible decision at some point. I thank Heather so very, very much!!!”

Oliver's Human

Oliver's Human: Testimonials
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