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In an Animal Communication session I receive information energetically from the animal through images, words, thoughts, feelings and sensations. I offer the interpretation of the information to the client along with direct images, words, thoughts feeling. I facilitate an opportunity for you to ask your animal questions and receive answers and knowledge from the animal's perspective.

I am not a veterinarian and not qualified to diagnose or treat symptoms. I will offer my impressions and understandings of the situation given to me by the animal but it is up to the animal's caregiver to seek appropriate medical information and licensed veterinarian treatment and to make any decisions regarding the animal in reference to information that has been offered through the communication. I do not claim to change animal behavior, solve behavioral issues, find lost animals or heal animals and/or their people.  I seek to offer information without judgement and with heart felt intention for the well being of the animal, their person(s) and the relationship itself.  

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