Online feedback received after Heather's Learn to Communicate with Animals workshop:

"Heather is extremely adept at putting people at ease. Within 15 minutes of the workshop beginning I could feel myself totally relax and the outside world all but cease to exist. A workshop such as this will only appeal to people who deeply love, or has deeply loved, an animal. This common bond of love was tangible immediately. There is such a sense of warmth, empathy, understanding and openness throughout the workshop that I felt I wanted to stay cocooned in these feelings at the end of both days. I almost resented the input of the outside world. I felt an incredible bond with all those present.

I really enjoyed the challenge of working on someone else's pet and the sheer joy of hearing that I had picked up on things from their pet that I couldn't possibly have known! I'm still not totally sure how it happens — perhaps there isn't a 'logical' explanation — but I just seemed to know things that came into my mind out of nowhere that were later confirmed by the pet's owner. It's an amazing feeling!

This Workshop has helped me in ways I didn't even consider it could when I first signed up for it!

It taught me how to ground myself, to still my (ever racing) mind and allow myself to become receptive to my deepest thoughts and feelings. It gave me the gift of being more open and honest with my emotions; to speak as I feel without first checking my words or wondering/ worrying what anyone might think about what I was saying. That is a hugely refreshing experience in today's world!

The workshop also gave me the chance to reconnect with my precious cat who passed away in 2008, leaving me an emotional wreck for a very long time. I was receptive enough to feel him on my shoulder, to feel his warmth and love, to tell him how much he will always mean to me and to thank him for being 'him' — my feline saviour at a time in my life when I really needed his unconditional love.

I haven't really used what I learned with my two dogs since I completed the workshop, except to attempt to reassure my dog, Millie, that she would be safe and secure when spending a day at the Veterinary Hospital where she had an MRI scan. I tried to transmit calming and confident messages to her as she walked away that morning with the vet technician without even looking back at me. That evening when her tests were completed she met me calmly, with no indication of stress or anxiety which is her usual reaction. I like to think that she felt reassured by my messages to her throughout that day.

Anne Ralph, Veterinary Assistant