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"I came across Heather after my sweet girl, Kenz, got diagnosed with cancer. I was at a complete loss with what to do and I needed more than ever to know what Kenz wanted, what she was feeling and what she needed from me.

Right from the beginning, Heather had a sense and energy about her that put me at ease. I knew she would help me get the answers I so desperately needed to provide Kenz with the best end of life I could. Kenz had been sick for a couple months prior to getting the diagnosis and the few days leading up to the session with Heather her health had really deteriorated. She was no longer eating despite the treats, meats and goodies I had laid out for her.

At the time that Heather said she would attempt to connect, Kenz was laying on the couch next to me sleeping. She suddenly lifted her head and let out a couple cries before jumping off the couch down to a pile of treats that was on the ground. She ate a couple and then jumped back onto the couch and slept. I was in awe. She hadn't eaten or even been interested in food for days, so for her to do so this spontaneously around the time Heather had been connecting with her shocked me. That evening while talking to Heather about her connection with Kenz, she explained that when she asked her why she was no longer eating, Kenz expressed that it was her body telling her not to eat and that her not eating was harder on me then it was for her. I really felt that Kenz jumping off the couch to eat was her way of putting me at ease.

There were so many instances that blew me away in my interactions with Heather, this is only a small example to show the type of help and insight she provided. I gained a great sense of ease knowing what Kenz needed from me going forward and I owe Heather everything for revealing this to me. Kenz passed away peacefully and so so loved in October of 2016.

After she passed, I struggled, wondering if I had read her signs correctly. Was she actually ready, or was this my deep sadness of missing her. I reached out to Heather again and she was able to communicate with Kenz once again, and once more this put me at ease. Kenz was such an old soul, so insightful, so selfless and full of love, and getting to know her on a different level at the end of her life was something I'll never forget or take for granted. I hold this experience very dearly and will remember it clearly for many years to come. One thing that Kenz had said during this time has stuck with me since her passing. It is now tattooed on my arm as a reminder of her and this journey we shared.

Heather’s passion for what she does is inspiring, her talent is truly amazing, and she is genuinely one of the kindest people I've ever met. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for what she was able to do for Kenz and I. It was a journey that I fell no one else could have guided us on, and one I'm so thankful for.

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Megan: Welcome


"When I'd asked Kenzie if she was feeling ready to pass over she communicated that she wanted to walk towards her death in peace. She wanted to be dignified, not sad. She showed me an image of herself walking towards a huge yellow ball of light, like a sunset. As she crossed into the sunset she looked back at her person, Meghan sending love in her goodbye look. The last night Meghan and Kenzie were together they found themselves peacefully walking towards a sunset."

Megan: About
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