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About Animal Communication & How to Communicate with Animals

  • “Ask Your Animal, Resolving Behavioral Issues through Intuitive Communication”,  Marta Williams.  This book includes “how to” exercises to do with your Animal Companion and extensive resource section (NV training for dogs, alternative healing etc.)  She has 2 books written earlier which may have more about learning to communicate.

  • "The Language of Animals, 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals", Carol Gurney

  • “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers”, Amelia Kinkade.  Amelia offers more of a ‘psychic’ approach to Animal Communication.

  • “Animal Talk, Interspecies Telepathic Communication”, Penelope Smith.  Penelope is one of the pioneers in the field who made  Animal Communication visible to the mainstream through her books and her work.

  • “When Animals Speak, Techniques for bonding with Animal Companions”, Penelope Smith

  • "Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing", Laila del Monte.  Laila shares her personal spiritual approach to healing and communicating with animals.

  • "My Animal, My Self.  A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You & Your Animal Reflect Each Other", Marta Williams.  Marta shares how animals mirror us and help us heal, including exercises to explore your relationship with your animals.

  • "Communication with Animals", Arthur Meyers (recommended by Georgina Cyr)

  • "Animal Voices:  Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life", Dawn Baumann

  • “Kinship with all Life”, J Allan Boone.  A Classic written by a screen writer in the 1940’s.  Follows the unfolding of Allan’s discovery of intuitive communication with a dog called StrongHeart.  The second half of the book expands into communication with “Freddie the fly” and ants.

Animals in spirit, End of Life, Grief and Loss

  • “Animals in Spirit, Our Faithful Companions’ Transition to the Afterlife”, Penelope Smith. This is a compilation of Animal Communicators sharing their experiences with animals who have passed over including reincarnation.

  • "The Animal Communicator's Guide Through Life, Loss and Love", Pea Horsley. Half of the book shares the story of her caring for her dying dog. Great for those interested in hospice care for their animals.

  • "Animals and the Afterlife:  True Stories of Our Best Friend's Journey Beyond Death", Kim Sheridan.

  • “A Journey Through End of Life and Beyond”, Georgina Cyr 

  • “Understanding your Grief”, Alan D. Wolfelt.  This book is not specific to animals.  Dr. Wolfelt is a grief specialist: Counselor, Writer and Director of 'The Center for Loss and Life Transition'.  I recommend his approach to grief and loss.

  •  “When your Pet Dies”, Alan D. Wolfelt. (See above)


Scientific Research into Telepathy/Intuitive Communication

  • “The Intention Experiment”, Lynne McTaggart. You will find a brief summary of this book in MartaWilliams, “Ask Your Animal.”

  • “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals”, Rupert Sheldrake

  • Online Interview: Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance. (Check out anything else on YouTube by him)



Other Books

  • "If Dogs Prayers Were Answered, Bones Would Rain From the Sky", Suzanne Clothier.About deepening our relationship with our animal companions. This is a must have for dog lovers, especially with training issues. She has a non-violent approach and shares several training videos online. For those who are interested in having animals assist them in therapy/healing follow up on her website for workshops.

  • "Communication with Orcas, The Whale's Perspective", Mary Getten.  Mary communicates with pods local to Washington and Vancouver Island, asking questions about Whale watching, Whales in Captivity, Local whale behaviors and insights into our planetary situation. This book included commuications from our beloved Granny (J-Pod).

  • "Intimate Nature:The Bond Between Women and Animals", Hogan, Peterson, Metzger. This is an anthology of stories, mediations, essays, etc.

  • "The Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov, Equine Facilitated Therapist.  Linda shares her journey of opening to the spiritual presence, communication and Healing with Horses.

  • "Riding Between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential Through the Way of the Horse", Linda Kohanov.

  • “Pack of Two”, Caroline Knapp. The author’s shares of her relationship to a rescue dog and the depth of connection that develops.


Plant Communication and Nature

  • "Speaking with Nature:Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth", Sandra Ingerman, Llyn Roberts. There are many other books by Sandra Ingerman for a Shamanic perspective.

  • "Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm:Beyond the doors of perception into the Dreaming of Earth", Stephen Harrod Buhner. He talks of opening/strengthening our ability to perceive and offers scientific understanding of perception.

  • "The Secret Teaching of Plants: The intelligence of Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature", Stephen Harrod Buhner (there are many other books by him)

  • Books by Pam Montgomery



This link lists various animal communication books:



Anna Breytenbach:

"The Animal Communicator", Documentary with Anna Breytenbach. 

Spirit, The Black Panther: An 11 minute clip from the documentary

Anna Breytenbach Batgap Interview:  2 hours.  Anna shares her work, a follow up story of Spirit and her thoughts on the interconnectedness of life and more

Communicating with Sharks:  Youtube15 minutes

"The Path of the Horse", Documentary:  Interviews with Linda Kohanov, Klaus Hempfling, Mark Rashid, Carolyn Resnick and others highlighting the human ~ horse connection and ways of deepening our relationship with horses. (many You Tube clips can be found on those interviewed in this documentary)

"Blackfish", The story of Tilikum. A movie of our beloved Tilikum (Orca) and his life in captivity.

Tilikum died January 6, 2019. The same date Granny's (J Pod) death was officially announced.

Watch Trailer here



General Resources


  • Anna Breytenbach's website:  Find many resources including web interviews, information about her work with wild animals and resource links (see documentary listed above)

  • Penelope Smith's Blog: A wealth of wisdom and story.

  • Wilderness Awareness School:  Duvall, WA. A school for wilderness awareness training, tracking courses, deepening ones connection with nature.They have affiliate schools in Canada listed on their website

  • Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. A community started in the late 60's based on mutual respect and communication with nature/plant kingdoms.  (Especially check their blog)


End of Life/Animals in spirit

  • Sarah Kerr, Soul Passages: Nature based Spiritual Support for Illness, Death and Loss.  Sarah will work with you to create ritual around the transition of an animal (or person) in your life.  You can read her blog for client stories for inspiration to create your own.  Blog Entry: Euthanasia Ritual for a Beloved Dog

       Interview:  A holistic Approach to Pet Death

  • Eternal Flame Glass Art Memorials, Calgary, AB.  Rhonda Neufeld makes memorial beads with your animals ashes.She has been described to me as compassionate, creative and taking special care of each person.

  • Seattle WA. They may memorial glass hearts with your animals ashes. If you are in Seattle you can make an appointment to see yours being made.


Lost/Missing Animals

Directory of Animal Communicators

Animal communicators work in a variety of ways and most of them work by distance. 

I suggest tuning in to feel who might be the right fit for you rather than choosing by location.

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