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Giving Voice to Animal-Human Connection


Heather's communications with Ken's dog had a major impact on his response to his own diagnosis of lung cancer.

GOOD but need permission - carla and may small no flies(3).jpg

“In times of crisis I have valued the support and perspective I have received from Heather.”

Ashleigh Whitworth Sasha April 2015.jpg

It was a complete shock when Sasha was diagnosed with lung cancer. Thanks to Heather, Ashleigh was able to honour his wishes.

Alison Stephenson Harry Sept 2017.jpg

Alison adopted a dog with serious behavioral issues. Through Heather he was able to open up about his past, confirming he'd experienced neglect, abandonment and abuse.

Fable lulu head to head 2015_edited.jpg

"There is such a sense of warmth, empathy, understanding and openness throughout Heather's workshop that I felt an incredible bond with all those present."

Dianne Benner - Liam  Oct 2015.jpeg

Liam had once been the only survivor of three kittens left to die in a cardboard box. Dianne and Wayne were thrilled to have the confident little ginger join their family, and just a few years later, devastated to be told of Liam's fatal diagnosis.

Helen Kudzin Oliver Dec 2014.jpg

Oliver's communication session indicated he was experiencing pain in his back end. The session allowed his human to communicate his pain and insist that the vet look beyond the behavioral diagnosis for his inappropriate urination.

Megan Franklin Kenzie  Sunset March 2018.jpg

"Right from the beginning, Heather had a sense and energy about her that put me at ease. I knew she would help me get the answers I so desperately needed to provide Kenz with the best end of life I could."

Charleen Buncic Gwennie Jan 2017 2 copy.jpg

Gwennie was scheduled for euthanasia at 7PM. The vet was not comfortable euthanizing her when Charleen was so confused and suggested they should wait, then graciously offered to come back if needed, no matter what time of night.

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